Application to Food Blog South

A brief of the qualifications of Douglas Wade Beatty for consideration for the position of paid blogger.

Douglas Wade Beatty was born on August 1961 in Abingdon Virginia. Conceived by actors and raised by hippies, wolves and stray dogs, communists and actors Doug now lives with his family in Magnolia Delaware. Has a domestic partner, owns his place, and is in turned owned by no less than to loving nanny dogs and two fur bearing terrorists also known as cats.

Doug likes to write long articles on many subjects. This work, too pedantic for most readers is a legend in the tiny world of boat building.  

Doug has been involved with activism and civil rights work. 

Doug has a blog that only has a few hits :  

BUT! Doug’s blog linked above turned one tiny page about a possible lynching in Dover Delaware into this :     

Doug has many more talents and capabilities and would love to discuss them at length. Doug is not a wordpress expert yet, Has not used it in four years but did this in a few minutes. Let’s talk. I will give you one hundred and fifty dollars of work for forty dollars a week.

Call me at the number in the email with this link. I set my domain up to this blog in a few minutes. 😉 My blogtalk show page is under construction @ .
I have lost over 100 pounds natural, have friends who are published wellness authors and one who is a top seller. I think we can help each other. Also a chef and seasoned cook ( pun intended ) My first language and command of English is all the help you need to reach your goals.
Looking forward to your call.